Adam Ludlow

Adam Ludlow

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Fitness Foundation:
B.A. Exercise Science, Seattle Pacific University
Owner & Head Coach, CFL1, CFL2, ACSM Certified, USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach, over 10,000 hours of coaching

Favorite Lift: Back Squat, Thrusters, and Odd Objects
Favorite WOD: “Adam Brown”, Hero WOD, (24:57 Rx)

How did you got involved in CrossFit?
I can honestly say that I have always had a reason to train.

In my very early years I had severe asthma and breathing issues, so being active was mandatory. As a kid I grew up on a cattle ranch in Wisconsin and had to keep up with the tough physical demands that come with that lifestyle. In high school I was the captain of my soccer and basketball teams at a very athletically-dominant school and I would help lead the strength and conditioning sessions. I wasn’t as naturally gifted as a lot of my teammates, but I was in great shape and that helped me lead others better. In college I played rugby and that’s where I really fell in love with strength training.

Post college, I switched from being a “meat head” 270 pound rugby player to a 200 pound endurance athlete and got into distance running and triathlons. That was fun for a few years, but I felt like I had gone too far from one extreme (strength) to the other (endurance). I knew I wanted to train in a group, I wanted to get strong AND have good lungs, and I already believed in the benefits of functional, natural movements. CrossFit just made total sense.

Why do you love coaching?
It’s pretty simple really:  I believe that God gives each person a unique set of gifts that should be used to enhance people’s lives.

What do you love about Rewired?
I could write pages upon pages here, but if I had to summarize it into one sentence:  I love the stories of lives that been changed because of Rewired.

What is your hidden talent?
I can walk really, really fast. Oh, and embarrassing but true, I used to competitively freestyle. Yea…you can laugh now it’s cool.

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