Annie Oletzke

Annie Oletzke

Fitness Foundation:
Coach, CFL1, Mom of 4 (it counts)

Favorite Lift: Clean (of any kind) 215# PR
Favorite WOD: Angie (16:24), (Clovis 109:21)

How did you got involved in CrossFit?
I always played sports growing up: Volleyball, soccer, and track. I was introduced to Crossfit by my brother-in-law after my 4th child was 6 months old. Fast forward 4 years and I’m completely hooked. I love the community that Crossfit offers and getting to push myself to be better every day.

Why do you love coaching?
I love coaching because I get the opportunity to encourage and push people past barriers and see them succeed. Also, watching the excitement on an individual’s face when they hit a big lift or endurance workout that they never believed they could achieve. It’s the best!!!

What do you love about Rewired?
Rewired is a family!! Life can so easily isolate us from community and real relationship. One of my favorite aspects of Rewired is the friendships I have formed, these people are really family. Also our fearless leader, he sets an amazing tone in the gym. He can inspire greatness out of any individual.

What is your hidden talent?
I was on a talk show when I was 13. Also I can fix a garbage disposal.

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