Joey Rojan

Joey Rojan

Fitness Foundation:
Coach, CFL1, CFL2
Preparing to earn degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition

Favorite Lift: Tie between Deadlift & Overhead Squat
Favorite WOD: Diane (2:36)

How did you got involved in CrossFit?
I’ve always loved working out and pushing myself in anything I can. When I found CrossFit and saw videos and interviews of people, I was inspired by what it can do for others. Improving the quality of life with a healthy community at the foundation. Keeping people from chronic disease, depression, and self doubt. Making people live better and become the best versions of themselves is incredible. Crossfit is changing lives in the best way possible.

Why do you love coaching?
I love being able to┬átake the things I’ve learned and share it with others. Helping people grow and reach their goals is an incredible feeling.

What do you love about Rewired?
I love the community. Even when I came as a guest a couple times, in that small period of time, the community blew me away. There are such great people that are a part of Rewired. Adam has built something special here.

What is your hidden talent?
I can juggle. And I’ve been told I make very good oatmeal.

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