Michael DeHaan

Michael DeHaan

Fitness Foundation:
Coach, CFL1

Favorite Lift: Snatch
Favorite WOD: Amanda (6:18)

How did you got involved in CrossFit?
I played high school soccer and club soccer in college, but that didn’t stop me from putting on the Freshman 80 pounds and getting very out of shape (even though I thought I was in pretty good shape at the time). I got involved in CrossFit when I needed an extra credit during my last semester at Gonzaga and a friend of mine convinced me to take the CrossFit class that was done through the school. After being incredibly humbled by the outstanding strength and fitness levels of the seasoned CrossFitters, I was hooked and determined to personally reach those same levels.

Why do you love coaching?
I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to personally assist and witness people making incredible personal changes that improve their quality of life inside and outside the gym.

What do you love about Rewired?
I love the diversity and tightness of our community. In no other situation would you have students, police officers, grandmothers, dentists, office workers, and stay-at-home moms not only be doing the same activity, but also laughing and having a blast as great friends.

What is your hidden talent?
I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will.

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