Is CrossFit For Me?

Is CrossFit For Me?

Yes. It’s for you. We have clients from all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. You do not have to be an athlete to train like one. Unlike other training programs, CrossFit is a universally scalable training program that uses constantly changing functional movements executed at high intensity.

Let’s break that down:

Universally Scalable

Anyone at any age, any size, or any fitness level can do CrossFit with proper scaling. Rewired offers scaling for every movement and every workout. Scaling is important because everyone is at a different fitness level. For example, if you cannot do a pull up yet, we may start you on ring rows or assisted pull ups for the time being. Our coaches are professionally trained to scale these world class workouts.

Constantly Changing

Simply put, routine is the enemy. CrossFit’s constant variation means changing the workout every time. For true fitness, routine is the enemy. Rewired will mix weight training, gymnastic based movements, and endurance training in a multitude of combinations. At any given time, life will demand multiple elements of fitness. Be prepared for the unknown.

Functional Movements

At CrossFit Rewired, we use movements that prepare you for real life. No one invented functional movements and they are found everywhere. Our bodies are designed for things like running, squatting, jumping, throwing, pulling, and picking things up. Ever notice how a baby does not need to be shown how to squat? That’s because we are designed to squat. Crossfit’s functional movements are safe, effective, and prepare us for the greatest sport of all – life.

High Intensity

Intensity is a measure of physics, not opinion. Intensity = (Force X Distance) / Time. Intensity is a measure of how fast real work is getting done. Intensity is not measured by how loud you grunt when lifting, but by how much force and distance are performed in a given time frame.

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