Our Mission

CrossFit Rewired is a community that exists to help people lead fit and healthy lifestyles through using fun, challenging, professionally coached workouts.

We absolutely believe in what we do. Fitness isn’t fixed overnight, it’s a lifestyle. We don’t offer cheap gimmicks, fad diets, or “drink-this-and-you’ll-be-fitter-and-a-better-person-and-people-will-immediately-worship-the-ground-you-walk-on” products. We believe that CrossFit is hands-down the best training program for anyone on the planet. Yes, we said it.

We are building a community on these three principles:

Train Hard

We should not be allowed to complain about the results we did not see from the work we did not do. If you want to be stronger than you were yesterday, then you will have to work harder today. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a new mom trying to drop the baby weight, a dad who just wants to be able to keep up with his kids on the playground, a grandmother who wants to stay mobile and pain free, or someone who is bored out of their mind with the “Globo Gym” scene, know this: You will have to put in some serious work. We will coach you, encourage you, help you set goals, and be there to pick you up when you’re dragging tail through the workout, but in the end, it comes down to You vs. You.

Push Limits

Whether you’re 82 years old (yes, we have an 82 year old member – She’s one tough cookie) and your goal is to stay mobile and live independently, you’re a 17 year old athlete trying to get a collegiate scholarship, you’re a firefighter trying to stay as fit as possible for work, or you’re just looking to be confident enough to take your shirt off at the beach this summer, we all have current limitations to our fitness. But limits are meant to be pushed. We want to see you as fit as you want to see you.

Inspire Others

Pure and simple, we believe that iron sharpens iron. We believe that friendly competition is a very healthy thing, and we also believe in encouraging those around you. Lead a life that inspires others to lead a life that inspires others. If you don’t get excited about the person next to you getting their first pull up of their life, then find another gym. Expect the loudest cheers for maybe not the fittest, but the person who is trying the hardest. We have each other’s backs, we know each other’s names (10 Burpees per letter for not knowing someone’s name, and yes, we are being serious), and we want to see everyone, not just ourselves, get stronger than yesterday.

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